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Monday, June 5, 2017

La Cava & La Pepita

La Pepita in Gracia has been around since some years and I always thought it is the typical restaurant that serves lots of meat in traditional menus… I was happily surprised to discover La Pepita and its younger sister La Cava.
This family run business serves some of the best food I have had in town.
It has lots of veggies originally presented where fresh and good products are the main protagonists. The décor in both the places is colorful and inviting. La Cava has many typical tiles, writing everywhere, a typical Spanish feel to it whereas La Pepita is more of a French bistro kind of ambiance.The "Pepito" is a sort of sandwich, and in La Pepita it is is served in a very thin bread, and you have a vegetarian one as well with grilled veggies & romesco sauce. Both these places are always crowded, and you can’t reserve. Try to go a bit earlier and you won’t be disappointed. Perfect for vermouth, for lunch or dinner. La Cava opens only in the evenings and La Pepita is open for lunch & dinner; it offers a lunch menu as well. 
Check their timings here.
La Pepita: C/Córsega 343 Barcelona . La Cava: C/Córsega 339 Barcelona 

  •  Beetroot Tartar 

  •  Burrata & watermelon.

  •  Homemade guacamole, the beetroot tartar & a delicious tomato hummus accompanied with cherry tomatoes & quinoa. 

  •  The couple behind the excellence of the dishes & the ambiance: Sofia & chef Sergi. 

  •  And we go to La Pepita to try their vegetarian Pepito. 


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