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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Cool Bistro: Atempo by Jordi Cruz In the Mirror Hotel.

 Atempo… The name itself  brings a sort of mysterious  nostalgia. That’s the name of  the latest venture by chef  Jordi Cruz.
 A contemporary bistro, with a  clean cut decoration by GCA Arquitectos: all black & white with mirrors; you also have big figurines of French gloutons, paparazzis  real-life characters, based on classic “film noir” cinema, that invite us to enter in a new and imaginary world. The artist Octavi Intente created those.
The menu is not too extensive but has a good selection of French/Catalan- Mediterranean fusion cuisine; they have few vegetarian dishes but can adapt to your demands on the spot. Each dish, around 30 plates, can be blend with its wine.
It is quite an interesting concept where you get to match a cheese with a peculiar sherry for instance. An innovative menu combining the best seasonal ingredients with Jordi Cruz’s magic touch.
The kitchen, seen into a panoramic space where  we can see the team working. The menu is executed in perfection by the Head Chef Quim Gabarro.
The lights and the white décor doesn’t convey a very cozy ambiance; however the 20’s waiters uniform, the perfect service and the tasteful dishes transmit elegance and style.
I enjoy, the space the music and the food of course.
You can go for an aperitif or for a full meal and you won’t be disappointed.
Jordi Cruz had described this bistrot as very bourgeois, and I do agree with the definition.

Around 30 to 50€ pp, it is an affordable bistro by one of the most successful chefs in Spain.
Atempo Bistro in the Mirror Hotel on Calle Corsega 255. 
Tel: 932 02 86 86

Cusie Cheese - Italian cheese- & Carrat de Bauma cheese - delicious soft catalan goat cheese. Kalamata Olives.
Sherry & Paul Dethune Grand Cru A.O.C Champagne. 

The best Focaccia! With a compote of garlic, fresh herbs & Aberquina oil.

Artichoke cream with emmental cheese, basic & olive oil. 

Mini vegetables risotto with a beetroot broth. 

Low Temperature Cooked Eggs, in a florentine style with cooked mushrooms. We blended this with a red wine: Rubi Rosa de Barcelona. D.O Catalunya. 

A great discovery with this Gramona Vi de Glass Riesling 2011. D.O Penedes: sweet wine made with frozen grapes, an excellent desset wine.

Desserts time: Pink Panther Pavlova, Thin Crust Apple Pie with salted caramel, Brownie with a vanilla cream. 


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