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Thursday, December 15, 2016

L´Estpendu: Beach side all the year long!

Not just Summer, we can go to the beach in winter too; maybe not to swim but to walk and have an excellent meal at L'Estupendu. L'Estupendu ( the fabulous) opened a year back. This proposal  is by Juan Carlos Ninou of the famous El Xampanyet and Jose Varela of the well known Casa Varela. They have restored the area where the old baths near the station used to be  and they have converted the space into an inviting blue & white "Xiringuito". Situated on the beach, well connected to the train station, it is a 20 minutes drive from Barcelona. 
The fusion of El Xampanyet - with their excellent products  perfect for the vermouth; and of Casa Varela with their dishes and their rices offer a wonderful menu. You also get some of the Bodega La Puntual tapas (La Puntual is Juan Carlos & Jose Varela , first  project in common: the first of many). 
Perfect for one of the many sunny days we have all year long. It is more a seafood restaurant but they have an excellent veggie paella. 
Closes on Sunday Nights & Mondays (will be closed for holidays from dec 24th th to Jan 10th)

Carrer d’Eduard Maristany, 75

08912 Badalona


Tel: 933 84 83 64

Vermouth time!

Continuing with the yummy bravas! Bravas de La Puntual. 


Desserts: crema catalana & chocolate truffles. 


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