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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Interview #27 with Delicious Martha-

       I have been a fan of @deliciousmartha on instagram where you get this beautiful gastronomic art with food styling. So this time I come with a different interview, here we are with Marta Sanahuja after she has just taken out her first book: 
    BelleBarceloneTell us who you are and how  would you describe yourself?DeliciousMartha:  I am Marta. The creator & author of Delicious Martha. For me Delicious Martha is a space where i can share and demonstrate the love for gastronomy, show that food can be beautiful, tasty and make you feel further than filling your tummy. 
BBChef or food blogger ?
DM: Food blogger. I would not call myself a chef. I haven't studied gastronomy nor want to be a cook. I want to show gastronomy from my point of view.
BB: Did you always love the gastronomy world?
DM: I guess so but the inner thing didn't come out till a couple of years back.
BB: How do you get inspired for you recipes?
DM: I try to soak myself in the contents, looking for innovation in the kitchen, looking for new flavors & trying to understand this world from a different angle. 
BB: Your instagram pictures are like paintings? How would you help others recreate this magic. Do you also offer workshops on instagram photography?
DM: I want the food to be seen with they eyes and to be understood like an art piece. Yes I have offered workshops.  
BB: What social media platform has helped you most in what you are doing today?
DM: Instagram without any doubt. It's the window open to the world showing what I want to transmit. 
BB: What’s the book about?
DM: The book has come out on Oct 25th, and it is a part of Delicious Martha. It is the written version of what @deliciousmartha is today.  
BB:  What about your future plans?
DM: I have no plans. I didn't expect to do this, and didn't even expect being here two years back. I can't think of what I´ll do in two years. 
BB:  What do you think of the vegetarian cuisine? Do you have many options in your recipes?
DM: I love all types of cuisines. All have their own essence and you have to be creative to not get bored. The vegetarian and vegan cuisine present challenges that you can't stop thinking and innovating to continue creating. 

BB- 3 Ingredients in one dish? ( what could you prepare)
DM: Avocado, egg & cheese. 
BB: Your favorite breakfast?
DM: Homemade granola or porridge with fresh fruits.
    BB: Your favorite cuisine?
    DM: I wouldn't be able to choose one.
    BB: Your favorite dish?
    DM: Oeufs en cocotte. 
    BB:  One ingredient you wouldn’t be able to cook without?
    DM:  Olive Oil.
    BB:  One ingredient you wouldn’t cook with ?
    DM:  Oysters!!! 

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