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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Feel with all your senses at the incredible Opera Samfaina!

This multi sensory trip inside the Liceu is a must for us locals as well as our visitors. Opera Samfaina, the name itself fusion art and gastronomy. Samfaina is a typical catalan dish made of red pepper, onions, courgettes, aubergines...

Opera Samfaina promotes the Catalan culture through gastronomy. 

It's an excellent experience with different spaces. You will enter a magical space divided in different areas. This project by Franc Alec is wonderful. 

·      You first have the Vermuteria , perfect to have something before the opera. Check their chairs and the full décor inspired in the olive tree and its products. Beautiful laminated wooden chairs and sculptures. 
Bellow you have the rest of the space. You go through a corridor and you have the Dioramas where you get six animated screens where the origin of the culinary traditions is explained with music and light effects. 
·      The Odyssey, an incredible circular room where the show- about the Catalan odyssey – takes place with a complete sensory immersion, it fuses art and food into an amazing animated film with Jordi Roca as a digital avatar in the starring role.

·      The tastings are served at round tables in the Diva. They are projected overhead images related to seasonal products that make up the menu.
A waiter, or croupier is in the center of the circle, to guide you through the tasting of this multi-sensory experience. Images will accompany this short but complete tasting of Catalans best products. They will be able to prepare you a vegetarian one too, but call them before

·      Solidarity Bar: Tapas designed by some of the top Catalan chefs. Moneys raised will help towards funding various social projects and charities Opera Samfaina works with. A flow of different star tapas will be the main activity at the Solidarity Bar.

·      You also have the beer bar & the wine bar, a small café and the Caganer (typical catalán). 

I would highly recommend this for all ages, from 25€ onwards. You could have a vermut first and then have a Diva Experience on the Diva Table; children would enjoy too and they have a special menu for them. The Odyssey is more of a wine blending trying the different catalan wines accompanied by small bites. (35€ for the Odyssey and 25€ for the Diva). You could even do both the experiences or choose what you prefer. You could also get à la carte at the other spaces. An amazing experience with excellent products, you also have the market place where you can purchase many of the typical and well known catalan ingredients.
Open from  7pm onwards from Monday to Thursday. 
Opens at 1pm on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays as well as on holidays. 
Tel: 934 817 871

Details of the stolls at the Vermuteria.

Some of the charity tapas. 

Around the Diva table! Incredible. 

The Odyssey! A wonder!!!

Wine blending.

The window form where the solidarity tapas. A show in itself


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