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Monday, September 19, 2016

Dos Pebrots by Albert Raurich!

Albert Raurich, former chef of the restaurant El Bulli and is currently the chef at Dos Palillos.
Dos Palillos is an evolution of the Asian Tapas. Now on his 2nd adventure at Dos Pebrots(two Peppers) , he wants to reinterpret the traditional Mediterranean cuisine from its century old origin.
It occupies the space where Bar El Raval used to be. The typical bar, you go for a beer… Dos Pebrots has kept the door frame as an homage to the essence of that bar. From his experience at Dos Palillos and collaboration with the Bullipedia, the offer at Dos Pebrots are creative dishes while understanding the origins & traditional methods. The menu is designed to be shared as tapas.
The open space has a bar at the entrance, where you can go without bookings, and then you have the open kitchen & the dining space. Above you have a private room with a long table; where you have the opportunity to share space with the chef as he puts the last finishing details to the dishes.
The chef at Dos Pebrots is Borja García Ordoño (Noma, Ryugin, Sergi Arola, Extebarri and Quique Dacosta, among others) and the head waiter is Mario Torres who made in his carrer in his family restaurant in Blanes and at Dos Palillos. Albert Raurich has designed the menu along with his team and it is a big family where waiters & chefs interact serve and cook.
A good experience, original dishes and a warm service. 
Their wine list is extensive. The crockery is made of different antique plates , and the cutlery is served in a wooden tool box. You choose the different original spoons and forks depending on the dishes. 
I was prepared a vegetarian menu which has lovely flavors but this is more a place for non vegetarians a as some of their dishes are served in very peculiar ways (a bit too much for my sensitive eyes). 
Enjoy the experience! 
On Dr Dou 19, open from 1pm to 11pm. Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays. Tel: 938 539 598 
( Around 40€ pp, water is free
The careful chosen crockery, all different antique porcelain plates.  

Xarab: Infused fruits with herbs & licors. 

In the middle, same as the 1st pic: Napolitana vegetable sott'olio : a sort of antipasti with rich flavors. 

Specially made tomato, onions & there was some lychees if I am not mistaken. It was very tasty. 

Patata al Caliu, served with authentic allioli. traditionally handmade with only garlic & olive oil. 

Dos Pebrots: Roasted sweet peppers. 

Black Onion: cooked very slowly. 

Pinenuts omelette with a special homemade "honey". They bring the burning hot pan on the table, and the eggs and ingredients get cooked off fire in front of you. 

This was quite shocking for me: Pezones de Maldonado, antique roman delicatessen : Pig's nipples! I am a vegetarian, but the others seemed to relish it;) 

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