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Monday, May 30, 2016


Shibui, the Japanese restaurant with some great choices in their menu as well some excellent vegetarian choices is promoting the ancient culture of sake.
Few days back was the presentation of the new sake menu; during this event the General consul of Japan Hiroyuki Makiuchi, along with his spouse, were the guests of honor.

The sommelier Roger Ortuño, ambassador of the Japanese gastronomy among other titles, is the author of the prestigious blog: Comer Japones.
He gave us a master class on the different sakes, the making, the different rices used for each sake, the process of fermentation… He explained us that sake wasn’t a distilled liquor but a fermentation of rice in different steps.  And for people like who thought didn’t like sake we learned how to understand it and loving it. There are dry ones, sweeter ones with floral notes, sparkling ones…
This event started with a beautiful ancient tradition ceremony, the Kagami Viraki which consist to break the barrel full of sake with a hammer.

The basic types of sake, in order of increasing quality, complexity and price are:
-honjozo-shu with a slight addition of distilled alcohol. Distilled alcohol helps to extract some flavors of the bran.
-junmai-shu literally "pure rice wine" made from rice only. By the early 90's, the Japanese government established that at least 30% is removed from the polished rice and the drink without alcohol, so that it was considered Junmai sake. Today this can be applied to any sake milled which contains no additives or distilled alcohol.
-ginjo-shu, with a percentageof 30 to 50% of removal of polished rice.
-daiginjo-shu with 50-70% polished rice removed.
-Junmai Daiginjo-shu is made without added alcohol.

After the master class I became : “ I don’t have sake” to “ I love sake” – in Spanish “sake no tomo” means Sake I don’t have ; but in Japanese SAKENOTOMO means I love sake! We got to try  the 10 different varieties of sake that makes the new sake menu at Shibui. Don’t miss this opportunity!
C/ Carrer del Comte d'Urgell, 272 Phone:933 21 90 04

The consul, his wife, Roger Ortuño & Candido Martinez - director of Shibui. Breaking the barrel of sake. 

One of my favorite:sake with the sweet flavor of yuzu. 

Tatami room at Shibui, with dofferent ambiances and light projections. 

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