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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Healthy options & Casual bites around town.

Here comes a different post with yummy options if you are on a diet or not. 1 vegan place, 1 vegetarian place, 1 ecological, a pizzeria and an asian joint. 

- Green & Berry: a cute little vegan café with great cold pressed juices, ginger or turmeric shots, salads and healthy bites. Great for takeaway or to have there. A nice place to have a detox stopover with friends. Opens everyday form 8am to 8pm. On c/Enric Granados 153. Tel: 932 00 38 55

Takeaway juices & salad.

Veggie Burger & roquette salad.

- Café Camelia in the Gracia area is a cozy welcoming space. Very homely and friendly ambiance with big communal tables and small tables as well. This vegetarian café opens everyday from 9.30 am onwards till 12am. On Sundays it closes at 9pm. They have brunch options on the weekend. On Calle Verdi 79. Tel: 934 15 36 86

French toast with honey, scrambled eggs with toast.

Tribu Woki  has few restaurants around town.  This  space  near Francesc Macia , joins a restaurant and a market with 100% organic seasonal products, is the ideal place for organic food lovers with a healthy way of life. It’s a is a good place to go for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The gastronomy offer is under the 2 michelin star chef Xavier Pellicer. His formal restaurant is downstairs Celeri. We had mentioned it here. The Woki Marlet emphasizes on seasonally and proximity products. The menu includes appetizers, salads, homemade pasta made with organic flour, organic meats and burgers, exotic woks and even vegan food. Opens everyday at 8am till late night. On Sunday it opens at 11am. Perfect for a bite anytime. On PASSATGE MARIMÓN, 5
Tel: 93 252 95 94 

Tea time!

Vegetarian bikini, cheese toast- Juices, coffee, wifi: morning meetings.

- If you are going in a family or with friends and you are the only one on detox-diet mode; Parking Pizza is excellent. 
Their pizzas are on my top list in Barcelona. They are incredible. Beside pizzas they have great fresh juices and wonderful salads. So you can detox while others can retox. The space is very informal, like a big kitchen; communal tables and original stools. You will be welcome by a wonderful Italian cooking aroma.  On c/ Londres 98. Opens everyday for lunch 1 to 4pm and dinner 8 to 11pm. 
Tel: 936 33 96 45
Pink, orange, yellow and red juices.

Red quinoa salad with a poached egg! 

My favorite one: roasted tomatoes pizza. 

Tiramisu & Brownie.

- Buns! Great place. I had loved their Ramen bar in the gothic area and now they have opened Buns By Koku Kitchen. This time it's just these Japanese/ Korean steamed buns and little more. Welcoming and cozy space, it's the best comfort food you need. The same neon sign as their ramen bar and focusing on buns this time. Various options as well as vegetarian. 
Closed on Mondays. Opens early for dinner: 1 to 4pm. 7.30 to 11.30pm. On calle Commer´29. Tel: 932 69 65 36

White Kimchi & fresh lemonade.


Yummy garlic edamame: Kokumame!

Vegetarian Donburi.

Mushroom  Hirata buns.


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