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Monday, November 9, 2015

Rabat Boutique, glamour & luxury.

When I first came to Spain, I was told that if I needed a watch Rabat, the jewelry store in Badalona was the place to go. Rabat's story started in Badalona where you could get excellent deals and unique designs in watches and jewelry, founded by Esteve Rabat and his late wife Cuca. They created a strong brand and an empire. It then came to Barcelona with Rabat Flash on Pg de Gracia, a romantic atmosphere, incredible windows and incomparable customer service. They opened their second store on Pg De Gracia 99, a bigger and more modern space where you would get a dynamic ambiance and sipped champagne while choosing your designs. 

A couple of weeks back, Rabat inaugurated their new store on Pg De Gracia 94. The store on Pg de Gracia 99  moved to this one, on the opposite side neighbour to La Pedrera; adding even more glamour to the beautiful avenue. 
Situated in the modernist Casa Codina, it is one of the biggest jewelry store in Europe with each details well thought of to create a unique ambiance filled with glamour and luxury. The store itself is a jewel on its own; designed by Estrella Salietti you will find the entrance with the emblematic Pg De Gracia tiles and gold, white and black decoration involving the jewels and brand corners. 
The 6 story boutique has 2 floors of jewelry an exclusive cute café where the catering will be taken care of by Sergi Arola, and offices. 
Neighbour of La Pedrera, the new Rabat store has some incredible views and has kept the essence of this modernist building.  

Unique designs in the haute joaillerie collection. 

Natural pearls & precious stones.

Exotic pieces!

Young collection by Amuletto.

Art work, valuable painting by Ramon Casas. 


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