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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Heart Ibiza a sensorial trip!

Heart Ibiza opened last week. After creating an empire in the district of Parallelo with Bcn 5.0 here comes the Adrias latest project: a gastronomic and artistic amusement park for adults in the best leisure city in the world: Ibiza. Culture, art, music & gastronomy walk hand in hand in the latest project by the combination of these genius: The Adrias Brothers & Guy Laliberté of the world famous Cirque Du Soleil. 

Heart has 3 different areas: 

  • The Terrace with the street food trucks. A bit similar to Tickets, lays out in an open air area where  Albert Adria's creativity and Ibiza's view along with special music performances offer you an informal but a very special experience. 
  • The Supper where from the time you enter you are travelling to another level of gastronomy and art, non-stop shows with unique performances and  excellent display of the gourmet bites. You get to choose from one of their voyage menu. All the members from the table choose the same menu to experience the same voyage. Of course if one of the member has allergies or is vegetarian, he can choose different options. 
  • You have The Club where the best Dj's , exclusive performances, drinks and snacks are offered. 
For me I loved the experience at the Supper. Each menu is around 65 to 90 pp plus the drinks and the desserts, it comes to 150pp.  The Terrace was also wonderful. A must while in Ibiza, definitely worth the trip. 
Heart Ibiza: Follow Your Heart - Booking online
Welcome by Haruka Murakami!

Welcome to HEART!

Infused fresh watermelon!

Pizza served with strataciella!

Airbag with the authentic Manchego cheese.

Molecular Cocktail!

Veg Bao. 

Tea of tomato, excellent!

Part of the Tomato trip!

Aubergine FuroFoki! Avocado & Tofu cream with sesame oil caviar!

Chocolate world! Different flavours and textures, combined with fruits & Herbs. Divine!

Chef Rafa Zafra with his team! Congrats! 

These are some of the pictures and dishes we had. 


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