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Friday, June 5, 2015

Art Amore! Escape to Sitges for a swim, walk and funky shopping!

I love the sea and I love Sitges. It's not too far from Barcelona, and if you go early on a Sunday Morning, you will be able to find a parking spot and enjoy your day there. Walking on the beach, a swim or shopping around the markets and the little stores in Sitges is always pleasant. It's a nice way to disconnect on the weekend. I had promised my friend Eva that I would visit her store. A wonderful store for shopping unusual items, great for all of us! 
Situated just off the main street, this store is filled with emotions and love. Each corner of the store has a different story behind it. This versatile  multi space, is an art gallery on one side, has unique products made by recycled objects and offer their trademark metal board paintings which you can personalize. Eva, of Evade Hotels, is in charge of the SLH branch in Spain, with hotels such as Abac or Mirror; along with her husband she has created this space with love to transmit a positive message. 

Octavi Intente, is the artist who has decorated the store and given it a soft and soothing personality to Art Amore.  Carrer de les Parellades, 57, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona.
Original personalised frames. 

Intricate work with these pumkins shells: Lamps!

Recycling originally!

The exhib by the the artist Octavi Intente.

Cozy corners.

Eva's office! Evade Hotels. 

With my dear Eva.

The owners, the artist and me.


We finished our day at the Corean Onaji, good for a change, if you don't want the typical paella or tapas. 


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