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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cirque du Soleil & The Adria Brothers get together and present: Heart!

I came to know about it few months back but it wasn't yet official. The Cirque du Soleil & The Adrià brothers have joined to create Heart. A new concept, by the creative Adrià brothers -Ferran & Albert- & Guy Laliberté -Founder of Cirque du Soleil- will open in the iconic Gran Hotel in Ibiza. We got the official release on Valentine's day coinciding Heart and Love. Ferran Adria from the famous and world known El Bulli and his younger brother Albert have constructed a gastronomy park in the Parallel Area of Barcelona in a joint venture with the Iglesias brothers: Bcn 5.0. Now they are broadening their empire joining with none other than the world renowned Cirque du Soleil to offer us this project. 

This unique concept is the result of over ten years of sharing ideas between the three of them. Their common passion for food, music and art have led to Heart. Heart will have three different spaces to show us what happens when food, music & art get together. 

  • BARAKA: hippy chic interpretation of street food markets.

A terrace where you will have selected music, live entertainment and cuisine. The space is inspired by traditional street food markets and the different flavors of the world. The Adrià brothers have designed a cuisine that will be a delight for the senses and a unique and global experience.

  • THE WORKSHOP: to experiment with art, music and food.

Here the culinary offer is customized and enjoyed. One will be sitting on a table, with live art performances visual projections, the most avant-garde music and the unmistakable Adrià gastronomy.

  • THE BOÎTE: live music, live art, exquisite service, gourmet food and drinks. The Boîte, in my teenage days was the disco place you would go on a Saturday night. 

The most fashionable night  blended with the touch and taste of the geniuses of the Adrias & Cirque du Soleil  offers the creative collision of food, music & art. 

(pictures taken from Heart Facebook & Cirque du Soleil)


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