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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bodega La Puntual by Xampanyet and Grupo Varela.

I love the Born area, and while in the Born I need to pass by Xampanyet to have a glass and some bites. It is a BelleBarcelone's must. 
We have known Juan Carlos, of Xampanyet since years. We will manage to always find a space in the crowded place; typical small bar buzzing with people, botlles and plates flying around you. I just adore the atmosphere. 
Few months back he mentioned that he had gotten the local beside, and he was planning on opening a bar in partnership with Grupo Varela

We went on their 1st night, it is a sit down tapas place with tapas and dishes to share, great beer, spacious and a good option while in the area. 
Bodega La Puntual, is the typical vintage tavern to go for a beer or vermouth. 
On Calle Montcada 22, beside Xampanyet. Tel: 933103545
Closed Tuesday nights and Wednesdays.


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