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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bahamas, the paradisiac island to disconnect!

 Popular destination for many, specially for Americans, it is a good option for us too. You could just do a few days stopover while visiting Florida like we did or just take a trip there. Unlike the other Caribbean islands, there is no all inclusive options. 

Atlantis is one of the most exclusive hotel in the world. I had mentioned on the Dubai post. But in Bahamas, it is a more bigger resort with different hotels, depending on your budget. The Royal Towers are the main one, but the other ones are all inside the resort. You get to use the full water park facilities , their pool and beautiful beaches all day long. You have different meal options from  economic to gastronomic options. Perfect to go with small kids, everyone can enjoy and relax. You have the casino and luxurious shops as well as souvenir stores.
The One and Only Ocean Club, home to James Bond's famous beach scenes is perfect for honeymoon or if you are looking for a romantic relaxing place. 
There are things to do around Nassau, like day trips to discover the islands around. But if you are staying at the Atlantis make the most of it, shopping, drinking, eating, swimming and relaxing full day long! Check their webpage here
Welcome to Nassau!

Paradise Island: The Atlantis!

Shopping day at the straw market! 

Relaxing at the One & Only Ocean Club. 

Boat trip to the Rose Island! You can go snorkeling or just enjoy this beauty! Nothing and no one around! 

There were lots of food options at the Atlantis, some casual dining such as Bimini Road, with carribean flavors, Johnny Rockets, the American Diner, or even the Marinara Pizza for takeaway. Near the park and pools you have shacks with burgers and nachos, and good vegetarian options. We decided one night to do a formal dinner at Martinique by the celebrity chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. We couldn't go to his restaurant in New York, so decided to try the café in Nassau. He has created the luxury and legendary ambiance seen in James Bond , Thunderball.  But we were very disappointed with the food. The vegetarian options were very limited with no flavors and our friend's dishes wich were fish and meat were ok. 

I would highly recommend for a fine dinner at an excellent price, with huge dishes for a family of four: Casa D'angelo where Tuscany and Bahamas flavors meet. A beautiful setting and ambiance, book in advance, alway buzzing. All their dishes and desserts were wonderful!

                                          The extensive water park at the Atlantis


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