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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Coup de Coeur BelleBarcelone is a section on my facebook page to let you know about the events in Barcelona. Some of you have told me you don't really check Facebook so here it is. 

- Don't miss the wine tasting at many hotels around the city this week. Read more: here:

- This weekend Mercat de Mercats is back. From this Friday, Oct 17th till Sunday you have the 5th edition of Mercat de Mercats on the Plaça de la Cathedral. You will get to taste the catalan gastronomy by the hand of our famous chef such as Joan Roca or Carles Abellan for instance. there will also be some gastronomic workshops and wine tastings
Free entry and then you buy tickets:
- 4 Tapas: 12e
- 4 Drinks (wine/cava plus 1 crystal glass): 10e
- 1 tapa: 4e 
- 1 drink: (wine/cava without a glass): 2.5e
- 2 drinks (beers, water or sodas): 3e
- 1 drink   (-----------------------------): 2e
- 1 empty crystal glass (with no drink): 1.5e

- Since 2011, we have for 3 months (started on oct 2nd) the Solidarity Tapa: Tapa Solidaria. Each participating restaurant will donate 50 cents of each tapa to the Casal del Infants. Albert Adria is the godfather of this action and the presentation took place at the Tickets restaurant. These is the list of the restaurants so if you go to one of them ask for their Tapa Solidaria and you will be helping someone: 
3 knots (group Arenal) 
7 doors Arenal Arola (Hotel Arts) and restaurant B Lounge (Barceló Raval) Balthazar Bar Mut Basílico (group Andilana) 1900 BodegaBodega Sepulveda must Tito (Vilassar Sea) Can Jubany Can Lluís Ros Can Candle Cañete Casa Alfonso Guinart HouseCasa Leopoldo Casa Paloma Tasting 181 Hundred Eleven (Le Meridien) CETT Hummingbird Share (Cadaques) St. Catherine Kitchens (group skylight) Did saucers Dos Cielos Two Sticks Japanese (Skylight group) Quim de la BoqueriaThe Skylight The " Pollos "Lull - Holy Family The "Pollos" Lull - Olympic Village The Small birds Scribe ESHOB Espinaler (Vilassar Sea) Bistro Eth Eth Restilhè Flamant Fonda España Jay Fonda Fonda Navy (Montgat) Oven Bertran (Badalona)Finnie Tradition Seeded Winery Farm Elena Hofmann Ideal Cocktail Bar The Rice The canoe The Sweet Herminia (group Andilana) The Seagull La Llave Lola La Mar Salada pulp (group Andilana) Loidi Lolita Taperia Loria Luzia (Skylight group)Port Warehouse Market Restaurant (group Andilana) Memories of China Palace Viewpoint Miu Japanese bite (group skylight) The Moritz Factory Ohla Gastrobar Elder Pepa Tomate Pepito Pinocchio Rocabar Seville's (Dubai) ShanghaiShunka Succulent Suquet de l'Almirall 's Tavern Clinic 24 Tapas Tavern Miu Tickets Velodrome Windsor Xup- Xup


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