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Monday, July 21, 2014

Discover Escribà the Academy, to learn the secrets of pastries wonders!

Escriba is Barcelona's oldest and most emblematic pastry shop. They were the 1st to introduce the butter croissant, avant-garde cakes, modernist easter eggs made in order for  big artists such as Dali and Picasso. Escribà doesn't only offer pastries, they offer illusions. I visited their 1st store on Gran Via. They also have another one on the Ramblas, mentioned previously on BelleBarcelone. 
Escribà on Gran Via is a great place to go for a coffee and some of their marvellous croissants, small cakes or quiches. 
They offer a wide selection of personalised cakes for weddings and celebrations; they have themed pastries during Easter, Halloween or Christmas. 
Recently I visited their academy,  which is above the store. Helen Vaas is in charge of the academy and is also a pastry chef. The academy offers a vast variety of classes such as AngloAmerican pastries, and very specific courses for macaroons, eclairs, sugar flowers, wedding cakes...
Look for the different courses on their web page: Click here.
Different classes at different prices, it could be a one month course , a day course depending on what you choose. Click here for more info. Those classes are imparted for adults; they are now offering a course for young Masterchef: age 12 to 17 from  September onwards during 4 Wednesdays for 1.30h at the price of 120e the course. A good opportunity for our young ones to learn the secrets of pastries in a professional entourage. You can check the details of this specific course here.  
Cristian Escribà, the genius behind the beautiful creations, his wife Patricia Schmidt, the one behind the beautiful delicate flowers are soon  transporting their magic to Singapure and offereing Fantasia by Escriba at the Marina Bay Sands, from August 22nd to 24th. Fountains of 8.5m of chocolate, life sized sugar craft animals, the 1st ever confiterie extravaganza. Don't miss it if you are staying or visiting Singapure during those dates. 
While in Barcelona visit Escribà on:
-Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 546 Tel: 
934 54 75 35

-La Rambla, 83 Tel: 933 01 60 27

Tea Time!

You can purchase all different ingredients and deco for cakes, and you also get this very good fondant made just for Escribà.

Delicate flowers and so beautiful, artwork by Pat Schmidt!

Chocolate heels !

Candy-Glam rings, by Cristian Escribà!

Welcome to the Escribà Academy! Confiterie Wonderland and Magicland

Who wouldn't want to receive this bouquet?

Chocolate cowboy boot!

With Pat Schmidt, the cake designer, she create delicate wonders!

Antonio Escribà

With Cristian Escribà, the 4th generation of this pastry shop renowned family! He offers us magic and illusions with his creations! This is a picture in his office. 

The workspace at the academy!

Masterchef Junior! The kids will get this while learning wonders. 

Thanks Helen Vaas for the great visit. Check her blog:


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