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Friday, June 6, 2014

The gourmet beer experience at Biercab!

Are you a beer fan?  Biercab is for you.Biercab isn't your casual pub, beer here isn't just a "caña", it is an experience. 30 beer taps, with well selected international and national beers from diverse breweries, many young catalan beers, interesting bottles as well. The place has a warm atmosphere, wooden touches, an interesting ceiling, a screen where you can see all the beers available.
They have nice dishes too, their staff is very helpful and experienced. You could go for a nice beer some gourmet bravas, they also have many burgers (none vegetarian) and small plates that looked good. 
From Biercab: "Thirsty, we have the beer that you want to drink, and we know you want to drink beer too, so you are in the right place...Biercab is a gastropub, designed to share our passion for craft beer  with all of you."
Biercab: c/Muntaner Tel: +34 644 689 045
Closed on Sundays.

Bravas with mojo and alioli . 

Delicious nachos.

Bravas Biercab: Gourmet Bravas and tasty (7e)




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