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Saturday, May 24, 2014

La Trini! Dali having a vermouth with you;)

La Trini is just beside cine Verdi on C/Verdi. There used to be a bar there, called BO before and now La Trini has opened at the same spot.  
It has a young feel to it, the wall has Dali's pic, so while you are "vermuteing" Dali is cheering with you. 
Special bravas, with 3 different potatoes and sauces, good tapas and dishes. 
Great for Vermut ; also good for a bite any time as they are open the full day ; good option before or after movie time for  good stuff! 
Address: Carrer de Verdi, 30, 08012 Barcelona
Phone:932 37 03 35
Open everyday from 9am to 2am!

Vermouth Time! With its orange slice and ice cube!

Of course Olives for the Vermouth time!

Orange Carrot Apple Fresh juice!


Garlic Mushrooms

Pasta too!

Fried Green Tomato burger! 

Potatoes witl allioli, sweet potatoes with pesto and fried yuca: El trio de Bravas


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