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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cometa! Your cozy corner anytime any day!

Continuing in the same area as the previous post,  Sant Antoni has always been fun during weekends, there are a lot of cute  places. The café Cometa, is one of them. This modern little place with splashes of colors on their cozy benches, original stools, cushions and paintings; is perfect for a brunch, for an early dinner or for drinks. They also have a terrace. 
Homemade pastries, variety of tea, chai latte, fresh juices, crunchy sandwiches, vermouth and gin tonics! 

On Calle Parlament 20, open from 9 am till 10pm or midnight on weekends. 
The same owners have a place; Cosmo, on the picturesque C/Enric Granados 3. They have a bigger space; café and art gallery at the same time. They have different artist exposing for a month or so.
Green tea and croissant.

Boost of energy with this beetroot and apple juice!

Veggie sandwich! With cheese, tomato, avocado, lettuce and pesto. 

Vermouth time!

Ingredients for the fresh juices and sandwiches...

Rich apple pie!

Cheese cake!

Carrot Cake!



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