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Monday, April 7, 2014

BelleBarcelone's Bravas Route!

I am a Brava fan! Being a vegetarian in Barcelona, I am glad Bravas exist- spanish fried potatoes served with a spicy sauce. By the way for some of you who have been asking: the blog BelleBarcelone is a route of my favorite places in Barcelona and about my travels and shopping;  about the vegetarian options in the places I go- but even if I don't put pictures up you do get a lot of non veg options in all the places! 
I follow the BCN Brava's blog, and they really know how to appreciate and describe the bravas they discover. It is a great and specific blog:
This post is about some of the Bravas I have come across. The price varies depending on the places around 3 to 5 euros.  Bellow almost each picture you have the link to the review about the place. Click on it for more info about that specific restaurant. And here goes BelleBarcelone's Bravas ranking. 

BelleBarcelone's top 5: 
#1 is the famous Bravas de Tomas. I have recently read some negative reviews on them but for me they are the best. Fresh irregularly cut potatoes, fried and served with their allioli and their picante oil. Whenever I feel like I need a boost that is the place I go to.  
Bar Tomas- Carrer Major de Sarrià, 49-

 #2 Pacomeralgo Bravas are so good. They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, their sauce is very spicy; deliciously al punto! 
Paco Meralgo- Carrer de Muntaner, 171, Tel: 934 30 90 27

#3 Las Bravas de Lolita, they look and taste beautiful; the potatoes are thin and crispy, served with a good amount of allioli and red picante sauce artistically mounted on them. 
Lolita Bravas: Tamarit, 104 · Tel.: 93 424 52
#4 Bravas of Casa de Tapas Cañota, they are light as they aren't fried  and they are served with Albert Adria's secret sauce. Those potatoes are made the galician way and they are succulent. 
Bravas de Cañota, casa de Tapas: Carrer Lleida, 7, 933 25 91 71
#5 The Bravas at Fragment Bar, in Les Corts, are served with ailoli and a chilly oil; the potatoes are fried and soft. 
Fragments Bravas: Plaça de la Concòrdia, 12, Tel: 934 19 96 13

And here is a list of bravas, that are also appetising and tasty, so I need to mention them too. They are not in any specific order so if you are near any of these places go try them. And then let me know what is your ranking? 
Yummy Bravas by Carles Abellan in Tapas,24:  Diputación, 269. Barcelona.
Tel. 93 488 09 77

Las Bravas del Bormuth:

Las Bravas de Montesquiuu on  Carrer de Mandri, 56, Tel: 934 17 30 61

Elsa y Fred Bravas, C/ REC COMTAL 11,  Tel: 93 5016611 
El Born

   Las Bravas de La Jarancada on Via Augusta, 300 Tel: 93 206 64 80

Ok these are not really bravas, they are filled with blue cheese but aren't they pretty? They taste divine. At Llamber  Tavern on C/ de la Fusina, 5,Tel:933 19 62 50. El Born.

Bravas at Ten's on c/Rec 79. Tel: 933 19 22 22 (El Born)

Joyful Bravas at Pepa Tomate on  Plaça Revolució De Setembre De 1868, 17
Tel: 932 10 46 98 ( Gracia District)

Las bravas de Segons Mercat on Carrer de Balboa, 16
Tel: 933 10 78 80

Bravas at Velodromo on c/Muntaner Carrer de Muntaner, 213, Tel: 934 30 60 22

This bar is one of my favorite, but I always forget to take pictures there. Their bravas are fabulous as well as their "huevos estrellado"( fried potatoes with an egg) in La Bodegueta de la Rambla Catalunya 100, tel: 932 15 48 94

Bravas at the Bar Avenida in Les corts on Cardenal Reig, near the Club Laieta: served with a spicy romesco sauce! Perfect before a football match! 

The Bravas at "El Bar" are special with some meat in it, these one above are without it. El Bar: c/Calabria 118- 934260382

Bravas at the 300 del Born:

Bravas at Cornelia and Co on c/Valencia 225 Tel: 932 72 39 56
More known for their delicious paella, their bravas are also exquisite at Xiringuinto Escriba on Av Litoral 42- Playa de Bogatell. Tel: +34 932 210 729

Bravas at Vinoteca TorresPasseig de Gràcia, 78, Tel: 932 72 66 25


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