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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tapas Route with BelleBarcelone!

BelleBarcelone’s Tapas route! Few of my favorite. When you have close family coming all the way from Singapore, you want to spend a good time with them as well as show them the very best of Barcelona. Barcelona is the city  of modern art, home of great Picasso, Gaudi, Dali or Miro; Barcelona, the city of great shopping and Barcelona, the city of great tapas. Here are some of the tapas and drinks places we went to. They loved each of them, many tapas but different in each place; great Catalan gastronomy for non vegetarians and some good choices for vegetarian.

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More Details on each dish on:

The Bravas at Paco Meralgo- More about this place in:
Black Pepper fried Camembert.

AT Paco Meralgo
Special birthday dinner at Tickets. The famous Adria's brothers tapas bar.

Manchego cheese airbag

Tofu seaweed cones.
Spherical corn and lime!

Special family time at Tickets

Cactus and caterpillar at Tickets!

41º The Experience, great cocktails and gourmet menu.
Tapas and sparkling wine at Xampanyet, family with Juan Carlos, the owner, more in:

At Xampanyet!

Fried piparras at Xampanyet!

Spanish mushrooms and sparkling wine, the famous xampanyet, the signature drink!

Enjoying the anchovies fromL'Escala.
Nuria, the sommelier at Bar Brutal:

Eggplant Lasagna at Bar Brutal

Mocktail at Ocaña

Danny, the great mixologist.


Mushroom and Asparagus paella, wonderful vegetarian choice at Xiringuito Escriba.

Bravas at Xiringuito Escriba

Yummy Tatin and goat cheese salad.

The dessert card:)

The view from Xiringuito Escriba
Montaditos in Gasterea on calle Verdi, more on:

 Vegetable curry at Gasterea!

The nice and helpful staff!
Bobby gin for the best gin tonic in town, don't miss it, more on:

Albert Pizarro and his colleagues at serious work.

The art of making the oerfect Gin Tonic: this one is Bulldog with licorice.

Dirty Martini at Bobby Gin.
Drinks at Boca Chica, more on:

Beautiful decor by Lazaro!

A great drink, African mix with cinammon and more!

Don't miss the washroom at Boca Chica!
  Drive to Picturesque Sitges! A nice walk around this lovely little town. 

Nice beach in Sitges!

Fun tapas and wine at Lolita: Entre Lobos a great red wine from Ribeira de Duera. More on Lolita in:

Bravas at Lolita!
Eggplant at Lolita

Homemade Paxarran, a wonderful digestive. Our Singapore guests wanted to take some back home. But you will have to come to Barcelona to try some.

Chat with the great Albert Adria, visiting his friends at Lolita.


Moët et Chandon blue Sangria at Cachitos, more on:

Tapas at Cachitos
Hugo, the great waiter, fun and helpful:)at Cachitos!

Cold draught beer at the Moritz brewery:

- Chic tapas at Paco Meralgo.Carrer Muntaner,171.934 30 90 27
- Exclusive tapas in Tickets. Booking online only.
A bit more about Adria and Iglesias brothers on :
- El Born: a must go Xampanyeton Carrer de Montcada, 22. 933 19 70 03
- Bar Brutal for some wine and tapa. 
-Drinks at Ocaña in Plaza Reial.
-Best Paella in front of the Mediterranean sea at Xiringuito Escriba! Avenida del Litoral, 42. 932210729.
-A walk in the area of Gracia and some Montaditos ( toasted bread with toppings at Gastera, the basque bar. Continuing in the same area, don't miss the best Gin Tonics in town at Bobby Gin.
- Finsih your night at Boca Chica, a modern bar with 3 different ambiance. Don't miss the washroom with a great D.J. 
- Nice to spend a day in Sitges, a small Mediterranean town, 30 minutes away by car. You also have a train. 
- Tapas, nice ambiance in a typical bar at Lolita.Carrer de Tamarit, 104. 934 24 52 31 
- Paella, Montaditos, Tapas. Great for lunch, for dinner or for Drinks. Check the bar on the down floor. Nice decor and stylish tapas at Cachitos. Rambla de Catalunya, 33. 932 15 27 18

A day with BelleBarcelone

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