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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Eyes Scream and friends! The cool shaved ice-cream on Barceloneta!

Check out this ice-cream parlor! Your children will love it and you too. This wonderful gelato is frozen at -25ºC and then shaved and served in their interesting eco friendly container. You enter their cool and inviting place  decorated with their flavor mascots: cheesecake, vanilla, chocolate, yoghurt, berry yoghurt and mango. I believe they are eggless and the mango one is gluten free too. You choose your flavor and 2 toppings and they shave the frozen gelato in the recipient.
They have a huge variety of toppings like fruits, cookies, gummies, chocolate chips… They top it off with 2 eyes on your Eyes Scream! The concept of the famous Taiwan shaved ice-cream adapted to Italian gelato in Barcelona is something you need to try. It is light, delicious and so refreshing!
On the Barceloneta on Pg de Borbon, 30.

All chocolate toppings and syrups!

Fruits and gummy bears toppings!

Shaving the ice-cream!

The final result! Vanilla with chocolate and cookies!

Their Tear water in lovely bottles!

Their visiting cards and post cards with message. The chocolate mascote message: Don't judge me by my color!
Next door, you can rent a bike and burn your calories!


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