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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bormuth in the Born!

Vermut hour has never fallen out of fashion but nowadays it's become trendier.  Getting together with friends on a Sunday afternoon for a drink where the syphon and appetizers are the main protagonists. Vermut is an aromatic brew made of wine with herbs, similar to Martini. Bormuth opened few months back: yes vermut in The Born.
Classic tapas, tap homemade vermut served with syphon, spanish beers and wine by the glass, in a very rustic still modern space. Bormuth on calle Rec 31, has 3 different levels, the entrance the typical bar and different corners and spaces.  The staff is friendly. It is great to go with friends before dinner, or on a Sunday afternoon. 
Bormuth: Carrer Rec, 31, 08003 Barcelona
Teléfono:933 10 21 86
1st level

2nd level

3 rd level: The different cozy corners

Typical papas con mojo picon!

The great syphon!
Warm Goat cheese with red peppers!

Great Vermouth with Syphon; light and fresh!


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