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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ysios and Marques de Riscal- beautiful architecture vineyards

Ysios vineyard
Ysios, a temple dedicated to wine was inaugurated in 2001 and was the pioneer in LaRioja. The reputed architect Santiago Calatrava, built this avant- garde winery. It makes you think of waves of vineyards. Its name, Ysios, pays homage to Isis and Osiris, the Egyptian Gods.
All their grapes are tempranillo, black grapes grown to make intense red wine in Spain.  While giving you a visit of the vineyard they will explain  the process of cleaning, clarification and filter with agar agar, the stocking in oak barrels, French and American oak, and a bit of Hungarian oak too. They are kept 14 to 18 months in the barrels and then 3 years in bottles. They have 20 parcels of grapes, and the grapes don't get mixed while making each wine, which are 3 or 4 variety per year. The harvest is in October. Bodegas Ysios, since its foundation, has become the flagship of the “New Rioja”, marking the style of the wines of the New Millennium.
The bodega´s philosophy is characterized by the decision to only make Reserva wines and special coupages.They are part of the Domenech group , known for El campo Viejo and Siglo in saco, wines. Their Ysios, reserva, limited edition; is in the 100 best wines list of the world . It smells of smoke and riped fruits. We enjoyed our visit there, and you can easily go with children, as it is an interesting tour.
Oak barrels

the waves

Ysios Reserva: American oak, fresh fruits and liquorice

Ysios Reserva Limited edition

Marques de Riscal
Marques de Riscal winery is the oldest in La Rioja. Opened for business in 1860, it is known for introducing the techniques of French wine elaboration. In 1998, they created the city of wine, which aimed to raise awareness of the wines. The interior of this complex is the main axis, the hotel designed by Frank O. Gehry. It was inaugurated in 2006 by the king of Spain. It provides an elegant contrast to the wine cellars designed in 1858. It has beautiful curves, a titanium roof in the colors of Marques de Riscal: pink as the wines, gold as the mesh on the Riscal bottles and silver like the bottle top. Each of the 45 rooms of the hotel have a wonderful view. It is located in the medieval town of El Ciego.  While visiting the vineyard, you will get to see the first cellar, where some of the most expensive wines in the world are kept. You will understand and appreciate the art of making wines. They have red and rosé. Their white wine, an excellent one, is made in Castilla Leon with D.O Rueda. 

The old bodega

The opening of extremely old and expensive reserva



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