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Monday, June 10, 2013

Magatzem Escola: The great store in the Born where you can taste, learn and buy.

The Magatzem Escola, on calle Commercial 13, is a new and interesting space in the Born. They have been wholesalers in all distilled products since years and have a huge office in Espluges.

The Magatzem opened its door to supply to all the clients in the area, and also for any of us to go whenever we need to. They have today more than 3000 clients. You can go and buy your liquors and wines there, as they have a wide selection from all over the world. The great part is that you can try almost everything before getting it. If you own a restaurant or a bar you should definitely check it out, and if you are planning a wedding or a big event that is the right place to go.

They also have a superb space down, where you could organize events and you could have the famous bartender Joao teach you how to make lovely cocktails. They can cater for you or you can bring your own gourmet bites. It is a warm and cozy space where you could really spend some lovely time with friends, learning, tasting, drinking and having fun.

They also have wine tastings and cocktails making. This great place is there for professional as well as general public specialized in consulting and formation in spirits and cocktails. Really a place worth going for buying, for a celebration or for gifting someone a great course. 
The view from up

Getting down

The wonderful bar

For a course or a meeting

The lift for the bottles

Great for shots


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