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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

St Jordi: Bombay to Barcelona!

Today , April 23rd is the day of the book and the rose in Catalunya. Rose because of the legend of St Jordi and book because it coincides with the anniversary of the death of Miguel Cervantes. Walking around we met Amin Sheik. He stayed in Mumbai train stations till he was taken to an orphanage. He wants others like him to have the opportunity he was given when he became an adult.  With your help he wants to open a library café in Mumbai: Bombay To Barcelona. This café will help the orphans in SnehaSadan. In this way the street kids will be able to create their own identity. Amin is thanks to you. If you buy this interesting book you can help the world to be a better place, you can help people believe in dreams come true.
This book is available in English, Spanish and French. You can buy it in the library +Bernat on calle Buenos Aires, on Amazon, or contact Amin on so he can dedicate it to you personally. He will be in Barcelona till June.
“Amin was a boy like many others. Tired of his life at home, he and his sister, Sabira, ran away. They spent three years in Bombay’s stations. Then, they were picked up by Sr. Seraphine and Fr. Placido Fonseca, who took them to Snehasadan, a home for homeless children.
There, Amin grew up under the care of Fr. Placido Fonseca.
This is Amin’s story, told in his own words. With the proceeds from this book, he hopes to open a library cafe named Bombay to Barcelona”.


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