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Monday, April 15, 2013

Lolita Taperia for some great tapas and good time in Poble Sec

 +Lolita Taperia 

+Lolita Taperia 
Some years back, if you were not staying in the area you would not think of going to Poble Sec for a gourmet evening. But now with Tickets there, the temple of tapas of the Adria's brothers, a lot is happening in the area. Tickets, with its molecular gastronomy and 41º with its spectacular 41 dishes are places you have to go and live the experience with all your 5 senses. A little further in the calle Tamarit 104, you will discover Lolita. Lolita is a great place where they serve incredible tapas. Lolita used to be Inopia some time back, owned by Joan Martinez and Albert Adria. It is now Lolita, still with Joan Martinez running it.
I mean literally running it. You will always see him busy, running, serving but still always there with a smile. Lolita is a typically Spanish bar, loud, bustling and bright. You can feel the freshness and the quality in the ingredients, while having some great wines at the bar or in the big-shared table that you can book in advance. At midnight it suddenly changes as the lights dim and great music goes on. Their cocktails are fabulous. I highly recommend this bar if you are in town.
Open Tuesday and Wednesday from 19h to 24h, Thursday from 19h to 02h, Friday from 13h to 16:00h and from 19h to 2:30h and Saturday from 13h to 16:00h and from 19h to 2:30h.
You have just opposite the Xix bar, very popular among the locals; you can go there for a drink while waiting for a space in the bar at Lolita.
Bravas +Lolita Taperia 

Fried caramelized aubergines +Lolita Taperia 

A great Gin Tonic

Fried artichokes

Mini Beans( habitas) wuth truffle oil and quail egg

Pa am tomàquet

Recommended red wine

very much recommended too


Gin Tonic @xixbar


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