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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Discover c/Pintor Fortuny...

-->On this post : Tapas at Bar Lobo, Hot chocolate at Granja Viader or Pizza at Luzia? Nice places to go in Barcelona...
“Everyone wants to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.” Oprah Winfrey

Bar Lobo , located in the Raval, off the Ramblas, is a great stop while walking around.
You can have breakfast , with their lovely pastries and tea, enjoy a good lunch with a variety of tapas, salads, pasta -Mediterranean touch with an Asian twist- and a fun dinner with their  cocktails. Their hummus is great but the pita they serve it with is really fluffy and delicious. It is open everyday from 9am to 12.30 am on weekdays and till 2.30 am on weekends. You can admire and check for yourself the freshness of the food they serve, as their fridges are part of the decoration.

Don't miss the Granja Viader! It is on calle Xucla, just beside Bar Lobo.  It is one of the oldest café in town, when you enter you will be transported to other times, 4th generation owners, you can sit and enjoy their pastries or purchase their fresh cheese, honey...I recommend you to sit and enjoy their luxurious velvet dark hot chocolate with some "melindros", flat and soft biscuits, or eggless churros. You won't regret it.
On November 29, 1899, Joan Gamper and eleven sportsmen (six Catalans, three Swiss and two Englishmen) answered the call and FC Barcelona was founded at the Solé Gymnasium , (on the corner of Pintor Fortuny, and close to the Rambles and Canaletes). You can see the first headquarters of FCB while there, it has become a parking now.

And if you have had enough of Tapas, and want to have something else, on the corner of Bar Lobo, on calle Pintor Fortuny, you have Restaurant Luzia. Luzia and Bar Lobo both belong to the Tragaluz Group.
Luzia is a fun place to go in a group, sit, sip and gossip with your girlfriends.
Brasserie, with nice salads, rich burrata, incredible bhutan poatatoes, wonderful Parmesan croquetas, firewood thin crust pizza, creamy pastas, a superb raclette sandwich, exquisite chocolate mousse and the list goes on...
You can admire their clean decoration and observe how the orders are given to the open kitchen or how the barman mixes the wonderful cocktails.

Their service is young, and simpatico but a bit lost. We went in a big group and reached five minutes late, so they had given our table away but it got solved fast, and at the end what matters is that we had fun and ate very well; went with vegetarians as well as non vegetarians, and everyone was happy. 
Recommended drinks :
-Virgin San Francisco
- Gin tonic : Bulldog served with a twist of liquorice


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