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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Be Brave! The best bravas in town!

Bar Tomas and Major de Gracia: nice place to go in Barcelona.
“He who stands for nothing will fall for anything.”Alexander Hamilton
Patatas Bravas is the typical Spanish tapa, it consist of white potatoes cut into 2cm irregular shape deep fried and served with a spicy sauce. You have it at any time of the day with a chilled beer, a glass of wine or some vermouth.
I love Bravas, and the Bravas of Tomas are really the best in the world. Even though they are so famous, some of you may be skeptical and  think it is overrated and over discussed. But if in Barcelona you have to try the Bravas of Tomas, it is an institution like visiting the park Guell or Las Ramblas.
The fried potatoes are covered with a silky aioli and piquant oil, the combination is a match made in heaven! The local itself is a very basic looking bar with a service that you may find rude at times, but that is the full charm of Bar Tomas. They will serve you their potatoes and drinks fast and sometimes even just throw them on your table, but all the waiters are still great, that's the style! It is always crowded and you will find a vast variety of people from all ages, background and nationalities.
Walking around Major de Gracia, where Bar Tomas is, can be quite fascinating. 

Part of the street is pedestrian only, it is filled with cute little shops and restaurants.
Just opposite Bar Tomas you have the San Marco café with their big variety of teas and cafés. You could digest your bravas with a warm cup of tea. San Marco is a very Vienne looking café with its high ceiling, art work ... It has huge windows so you could just sit there and observe people out, or take your moleskin and write or draw in it. It is a very relaxing place where you could sit and spend some time getting some work done.
Around the corner you have the famous Foix De Sarria where you get the most exquisite pastries. The late J.V. Foix (1893-1987), son of the store's founders, was one of the great Catalan poets of the 20th century, a key player in keeping the Catalan language alive during the 40-year Franco regime. The pastry shop of Major de Sarria is the birthplace of the poet.  You will find a bronze plaque outside with one of his most memorable verse translated as: " "Every love is latent in the other love/every language is the juice of a common tongue/every country touches the fatherland of all/every faith will be the lifeblood of a higher faith." You also a Foix de Sarria on Plaça Sarria, where you will also find the big Mercat de sarria...
Have fun! 


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