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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Born to be beautiful! Discover el Born district.

Xampanyet, La Bascula, La comercial all in The Born : nice places to go in Barcelona

El Born may not have been years back what it is today, the most fashionable place to be! Filled with bars, restaurants, trendy sores...It is the oldest area in Barcelona and for me personally the prettiest and my favorite . Strolling around the pedestrians streets, its Gothic church can be a splendid way to spend an evening.

Let's start with calle Montcada, home to Museum Picasso and also Textile museum which has a great little café and terrace attached to it. 
And of course Xampanyet, many of you might have gone or heard of it, it is always full of people, locals and tourists, but it's a must. Whenever we are there, we always enter to say hi to Juan Carlos, the second generation owner of this 1929 bar. It has kept its essence, interesting ceramic tiles, very friendly and helpful staff.I am not a Champagne girl, but their Xampanet copa,( sparkling white wine) goes down easily, with all their different tapas : lots of canned food served with some magical vinegar, nice tortillas, lovely small peper stuffed with cheese, nice smoky paprika manchego  and the hugest asparagus ever seen.You can stop at Xampanyet, after museum visit, or before dinner or for a quick bite. It shuts down early, it is closed on Sundays evenings, Mondays too i think and many festive days.It is always packed, with very limited seated area. When there, you will always get to know someone or the other from some part of the world! 
As Christmas is around the corner , you can do versatile shopping in the cute shops in the tiny lanes like @Loisada : in spanglish lower east side in New York. This floral spanish name was first used by puertoricans in New york. We now have this new concept store in c/Flassaders, behind the Picasso museum, and you can listen to beautiful music there :

In the same lane you will come across a decent vegetarian restaurant La Bascula. You can grab something on the run, have a fresh juice or some excellent salads, nachos, quiches...
While walking around the lanes you will discover many small fashionable stores, vintage stores, shops specializing in up to the minute fashion...
@La Comercial, in the Born is unique, it has For him, For her and For Home stores. You will get different stuff, offbeat items and you can shop original Christmas presents, not available elsewhere. It is a space where you enjoy looking, experience fashion ...and buy.

All around the Born you'll find cute restaurants and bars, you can spend a lovely day like I just did with my darling cousin!
 And of course i haven't finish with the Born :)

"Roda el mon i torna al Born"( go around the world and return to the Born) says the Catalan medieval phrase.


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