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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Funky c/Verdi: Un poco de Gracia :)

As the weekend is approaching, we all wonder where to go. In this weather we prefer sitting home. But if you wear your Uggs and down jacket, you can go and explore Gracia, one of my favorite area in Barcelona. It is a very popular, charming and vibrant neighborhood, and has lots to offer. 

Once upon a time it was its own town on the outskirts of Barcelona. But soon with the expansion, the big city swallowed up this little town and we are proud to say it belongs to Belle Barcelone. The array of residents is eclectic: older Catalans who have spent their full life in Gracia, young families, bohemian artists, hipsters and of course "guirris". We will start around Calle Verdi.
First if you  really choose to stay at home on these cold days, you could always do a take away from  "La Vietnamita" on Torrent de L'Olla. It has great choices of fresh and yummy soups, curries... comfort food. You can also eat there in their small cantine. They have vegetarian, vegan combinations as well as meat and will take care of all food allergies. They now have a new ubication en El Born too.
La Vietnamita:  Carrer Torrent de l'Olla, 78, 08012 Barcelona
935 18 18 03·
In the Born on Calle Commerc, 17. 
Then while walking on Carrer Verdi , just after c/Siracusa comes  "plaza de la revolucio" , on your right hand side ,in the gelateria, you get excellent ice creams and a delicious fresh fig one . During the winter the plaza has "terrazas" and long heathers all around. You then walk towards C/verdi and you will be surrounded by lovely stores, and cute little bars and restaurants. You can have a great crêpe, in Creps of Barcelona. They also own a nice cocktail place there, sit down , have a crêpe, a good drink , some nice shots , some non alcoholics coktails too. 
Creps Barcelona: Verdi, 15 934 153 057

You then have of course, the Cine Verdi where you get to see movies in their original version. The cine is surrounded by " A" Casaportugesa , they have nice quiches, lovely melted cheese ... good portuguese wines.A nice place to go for a quick bite before the movie or a stopover on your Sundays walks. 
"A": calle Verdi, 58. 
Kibuka, Japanese restaurant , is just there too. They have a good selections of makis, sushis... and a good selection of vegetarian options .Kibuka, c/Verdi 64
Behind , on the parallel lane (on the other entrance of cine Verdi) ,there is a lovely mexican : Cantina Machito . They serve their nachos with a separate hot melted cheese. 
Cantina Machito: C/ Torrijos 47

Further down on calle verdi, you have my favorite place : D.O vins y platillos, on c/Verdi 36. And just around the corner from there you have a decent indonesian "Gado Gado" on carrer de l'or, small but always full so ... You also have lovely wine bars around , you can grab a falafel too, some wok noodles, and continue your walk...
Coming back to D.O, you get  a wide and very good selection of wine per glass,  creative tapas : courgettes carrots tempura, exquisite grilled goat cheese served with peach marmalade, shiny colorful olives, fresh selection of bread, hummus, lovely cheese cake, melted chocolate buñuelos...
Kilian is the cute and sympatico guy who will serve you and advise you on the wines ...gins...
You will enjoy in a fun and informal atmosphere. It is always full and you can just reserve if you are a big group...
So here is a bit of barrio de Gracia, a mixed bag adjusted to everyone's taste and that is what makes it so rich  :) 
Have a great week end !  

La gracia, más bella aún que la belleza. La grâce plus belle que la beauté. (Jean de Lafontaine)
Tener un amigo... es una gracia. Conservar un amigo... es una virtud. SER TU AMIGO ES UN HONOR."(David Mendizabal)

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