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Saturday, February 19, 2022

Top 9 2021


Hi, I don't write often as I am more on Instagram. But as promise here are Top 9 & vegetarian friendly of 2021, by Suzan of Foodie in Barcelona

Top 9 Vegetarian Barcelona 

Chennai Masala Dosa - 

This South Indian restaurant in Les Corts is one of my favourites. I often order the dosa,  a fermented tangy pancake filled with potato. Other times I can resist the tali, a base of rice with little pots of chutneys and other delights to tip on to the rice.  

La Branqueta -

A small place, three tables in total. Home cooked Japanese meals are prepared daily, always accompanied with a miso soup. 

Zizinia de les Flors -

On a quiet street in García, this restaurant feels like a transplant from the middle east. Plenty of jars of fermenting vegetables and drinks dot the space. They make everything themselves, even their wholesome pita bread. 

Arigato -

Not strictly vegetarian but their vegetarian options are excellent. I always order whatever dish they have that incorporates tofu.  

Green Spot - 

From En Compania de Lobos, this place is as much about the design as it is about the food. Though there are things like charcoal pizza and whole baked cauliflower. 

Honest Greens - 

Vegetarian for everyone. There are so many options to choose from as you build your own lunch. The vegan desserts are generous. 

Les Filles Cafe - 

A gorgeous cafe in García with marine blue walls inside and a lush green patio outside. 

Flax & Kale - 

One of the first to make exclusively vegetarian food in Barcelona. They’ve since become huge and even have home delivery meals.

Millas Lunch - 

A young British woman who makes a constantly evolving vegan lunch. The lunches use things like jackfruit to make a pretend pulled pork sandwich or a mushroom mix for vegan sausage rolls. 

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