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Monday, November 13, 2017

Yakumanka, Gaston Acurio's Cebicheria in Barcelona

The Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio opens his only restaurant in Spain in Barcelona, ​​in addition to the menu he has in the spaces of Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona. Yakumanka recreates a Peruvian cevicheria that César Bellido, who was head chef of Gastón Acurio's flagship Astrid & Gastón in Lima, will be running. Yakumanka is a tribute to the popular cevicherías of Peru with dishes created in the mind of a chef, who has found in the Barcelona Eixample the ideal space to erect an eminently marine concept. " Yaku Manka " means pot of water in Quechua. "Our fish are wild, like our cooks," says Acurio.
Yakumanka is an hybrid between the restaurant La Mar -Acurio's most successful brand with locations in several cities around the world- and Barra Chalaca -the most fun casual bar of Gastón in Lima
 The ceBichería with "b" in where the raw material used are  the same as the ingredients Acurio  would use in his most luxurious restaurant.   "I want to transfer the atmosphere and also the gastronomic experiences of a Peruvian cevicheria, sealing and adapting it to the city and the land that welcomes me." says Acurio who loves Barcelona for the Adrià Brothers, for the Roca brothers, "for the people". This is his gift to the city: the Cebichería of Barcelona. A gift with an open kitchen, a long bar where you can appreciate the chefs working on their cebiches and tiraditos;  wooden tables  to sit  and enjoy the dishes. The portions are big as it is more a sharing concept where you get to try the various dishes. The decoration is a mix of local and Peruvian objects transmitting a cool and casual ambiance. Their menu isn’t vegetarian friendly but if you call them 2 days in advance they can prepare an amazing menu like they did for me.

On  Calle Valencia 207- Tel: 935 66 15 48
  • Vegetarian Ceviche. 

  •  Vegetarian Tiraditos. Instead of fish, they used tomatoes and avocados. 

  •  Grilled Pak Choi (chinese cabbage) with Cusco Corn. 

  •  Chaufa Rice: Fried rice Chinese/Peruvian style. 

  •  Lucuma Mousse with Quinoa. 


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