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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Aperitivo while in Milan!

The aperitivo. If there is one thing you shouldn’t miss while in Milan is to enjoy an aperitivo. This tradition to meet after work around a glass of wine or some prosseco, aperol or martini; to chat and disconnect around some bites is wonderful It’s Italian happiest hour, the price per drink include some food. In some places it is a lavish spread, of breads, cold cuts, olives and more. You have the aperitivo in luxurious hotels as well as the neighborhood bar.
In this post I come with two options: one at the Bvlgari hotel and the other one in the lively neighbourhood of Navigli.

  •       Glamour at the aperitivo in the upper scale cocktail bar at the Bvlgari hotel. Beautiful setting, you can enjoy the aperitivo with their signature cocktail: the exclusive Bvlgari cocktail, or some champagne.

  •       Navigli on the other hand is more lively and informal, you have the street vendors, small little stores and lots of restaurants around the canal. The bohemian atmosphere is the perfect place for a casual aperitivo. We found Felix Bavigli a small little bar that served excellent cocktails accompanied with excellent bites. Felix Navigli: Address

Felix Navigli: Via Filippo Argelati, 1, Navigli.


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