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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Asian flavors in Barcelona.

I love Asian food, be it Chinese, Corean, Thai, Japanese… I love all of them. So here I come with my new discoveries: two upscale offers Nomm & La Robata;  and two casual options: Petit Bangkok & Kiu Nam

  • I will start with Nomm, an innovative concept where the cuisine is a fusion of Chinese, SE Asia, Europe & America. Peter Vivant the owner, is from Australia with  a cosmopolitan Hong Kongese background and was one of the top hosts during many dinners with EAT WITH. The Chef Nuno Costa, from Lisbon with 10 years experience in some of the best restaurants in Spain, & Peter, bon vivant nature & savoir faire have been teamed up to offer us Nomm. It’s an upscale Asian restaurant where their most delicate ingredients are blend with the traditional Chinese flavors. The interior is well designed to make you feel cozy, they have live music on specific nights and is now open for lunch too with a lunch menu for 15€. I would recommend for lunch with friends, for a special celebration or a romantic dinner. We had the tasting menu, they prepare an excellent vegetarian one. I have hearD the non vegetarian dishes are amazing.

Opening Hours:. Wed-Thur: 7pm to 1am
Fri-Sat       : 1pm-4pm / 7pm-3am
Sundays    : 12pm-6pm
Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays
Av del parallel 30
Tel: +34 932807925
                                                                             Tofu Sliders
                                                                           Quinoa salad 
                                                                            Veg dumplings.
                                                                               Curry Time

     Deconstructed lemon pie.  

Textures of chocolate explosion!

  • I recently discovered La Robata. A couple of years back Monster Sushi opened, this unpretentious restaurant had some good sushi and great dishes. The cuisine at Monster Sushi is great but the space is small;  so their elder sister had to appear  and here comes La Robata. Situated in the popular calle Enric Granados, La Robata is much bigger and has a very elegant and cozy feel to the space which is divided in three different areas.  The sevice is great as well as the dishes. Robata means a type of charcoal used in Japanese cooking. They have few but enough vegetarian options.

Open everyday for lunch and dinner.
On Calle Enric Granados 55.
Tel: 93 7826000

Fried lotus root.


Asparagus on the robata!

Veg makis!

Delicious cakes!

Chocolate cake very yummy and strawberries in licor served with vanilla ice cream.

  • Petit Bangkok, the Thai restaurant I spoke about here, opened a new outlet in the city center six months ago. Same cute lamps and colors, thai cuisine & a great service. A simple restaurant, with great food perfect for anytime of the day and week. Read here for the first review. 

Open for lunch and dinner. Closed on Sundays & Mondays.
On calle balmes 106  
Tel: 616 18 51 96

Tofu satay!

Pad thai.


  • Kiu Nam, the Vietnamese restaurant of the group Capitole near the Hospital Clinic, has been one of our usual restaurant to go to when we have big reunions or when we just need comfort food. It isn’t pretentious, but it has renovated since a couple of years and the décor is in par with the dishes. Just the regular Asian food you need, where the dishes just keep popping without any specific order.  

Open for lunch & dinner. Closed on Tuesday.
On Calle Villaroel 199
Tel: 934 19 22 83

Nems! Vegetable rolled in a rice paper, fried and served with lettuce and mint. My favorite asian snack!


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