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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Very special Moments!

As I said 2016 started well and this was one of my first gourmet experience. And what a moment! Since I had interviewed the mother-son chef duo few months back I had wanted to come back and try their cuisine. And here I was with the fashionable chef Raül Balam, son of the world's famous Carme Ruscalleda at Moments.

My expectations were high. I love hotel dining and and I have a very soft corner for the Mandarin Oriental
The welcoming as well as the ambiance in the restaurant is soothing and elegant. 
I took the lunch tasting menu which is lighter and perfect for the afternoon. They cater to your need so here we started with the vegetarian menu. 
I wasn't disappointed, as the dishes passed by we were savouring unique textures and taste combined in perfection on the dish, such as pumkin-coffee or chocolate-olives for instance. Raül's cuisine is a combination of fashion, art and flavors on a plate. 
MOMENTS Restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona
PHONE +34 93 151 87 81
Homage to "El Xató" (  The xató is typical catalán and is a sauce made from almonds, hazelnuts, breadcrumbs, vinegar. It accompanies an endive salad).

Thai Cabbage with ceps & juniper. 

Pumkin Dimsum. 

Vegetable ravioli with spinach, kale & cheese. 

Autumn colors, mushrooms,quince and leaves. 

Tofu with coffee, pumpkin & coffee! 

Cheese platter of the month with its gastronomy play. The card is designed by Carme Ruscalleda, who is also a great artist. The cheese are chosen between  Eva Vila  from Vila Viniteca- & Raül.
The first game: Santa Marial: Sheep milk catalan cheese served with jam, meringue and ceps vinegar.

The 2nd game: Mull island- Cow milk Scottish cheese served with pink endives and pine nut cracker. 

The 3rd game: Picon de Hoja from Asturias, served with a prune brioche. 

Palate cleanser: Apple textures. 

Hot and Cold: dark & white chocolate, green & black olives. 

Petits fours. Barcelona Skyline. 


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