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Monday, January 25, 2016

TÊTE à TÊTE with BelleBarcelone#20: Cristina Castañer.

I met her, one morning just the day after she returned from a trip. She was a bit jet lagged but she attended me with warmth. She didn't sit still for a minute, wanting to move everything, making sure that all the small details in her store were placed in the right angle. She amused me and at the same time surprised me. And that is how we started our interview. 

BelleBarcelone: What's your position in the company?
Crisitina Castañer: The brand Castañer was created in 1927. I work in the family business. I also decided to create Crisitna Castañer, my own creations and designs. So here in my shop you will encounter the traditional Castañer shoes as well as their modern versions, and my own designs under the brand Cristina Castañer and also Cristina Speaks. This section is about accessories and items from friends and designers that I admire. 
BB: Castañer produces for the big brands. How did it start? 
CC: Yves St Laurent wanted some wedge espadrilles. And we made them. We then started many years of collaboration with some of the biggest brands in the world.  
BB: All your shoes are made in Spain?
CC: Yes. We know that it may cost more but that is our essence. We have stores in Europe, Japan, NY or HK. 
BB: What's you favorite model?
CC: La Campesina. Our 1st and most copied model. I just love this shoe. 
BB: From where do you get inspired?
CC: It's a team work. We get inspired by our travels and by art. I Love art. I am an art collector, and I buy what I like be it from a famous artist or no. We still don't collaborate with artists in our production but why not in the near future?
BB: How's your day to day?
CC: Our factory is is in Banyoles. I go there often. When in Barcelona I come to the store every single day. There is never 2 days similar ever. 
BB: What's your hobby?
CC: Art as I said. Contemporanean art. Art doesn't have frontiers. I love to ski as well. 
BB: What about holidays?
CC: I am passionate about travelling. I love Europe and its old cities, I have just come back from the USA which I adore. I love Asia, I have been to India from North to south and I go every year to Thailand. I am a citizen of the world. 
BB: What cuisine do you like?
CC: I am a fan of the Spanish classic cuisine. I also love french, Italian, Chinese, Japanese food. Basically I love food made with love. 

Cristina Speaks.

Crisitna Castañer exclusive collection.

The one and only: La Campesina!


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