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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Health, Beauty & wellbeing at the medical Spa Abac-Ribe Clinic.

The Ribe Clinic is a well known clinic using the latest technologies in laser, VelaShapeIII, CoolScultping, Fraxel, Thermage, acne or removing tattoos. The Ribe Clinic is an innovative platform to live & age in style.  Dr Adriana Ribé, Dr in medicine & surgery, specialist in dermatology a pathology has a large recognition with various awards. 
The clinic inaugurated a new place on Pg De Gracia 89. 
400m2 decorated in style by the Architect Xavier Andres. Each corner, each room and each art piece complements the space to offer a stylish yet cozy feeling as soon as you enter. 

The latest is their close collaboration with the Abac Spa & Jordi Cruz - director & chef at the Abac- Where the medical treatments will cohabit  specific Spa Treatments using Deborah Mitchell Heaven products. One of their star treatment is the Lia Treatment, where mind & body are in harmony. Lia Therapy, very much demanded in the celebrities, combines in perfection facial, spiritual & physical treatment offering wellbeing to the mind, body & soul. 
They have incorporated a room for those specific treatments in collaboration with the Abac Spa. Dr Ribe will also be going to the Abac Spa for some very specific  clinical treatments & Montse Cruz from the Abac Spa will be offering the special therapy at the clinic. This close collaboration is a plus for those travellers coming for the perfect escapade combining in perfection: Gastronomy, relax and specific treatment for  the perfect rejuvenating cure. 

Montse Cruz & Dra Adriana Ribe.

Unique views to La Pedrera from the office. 

Jordi & Montse Cruz with Dra Ribe.

During the press conference. 


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