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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hisop for a special and chic date.

Hisop, is a chic & minimalist restaurant offering avant-garde dishes with authentic taste. This michelin star restaurant with chef Orio Hivern has a tasting menu or à la carte, offered us a wonderful vegetarian menu. The service was impecable, the dishes were artfully presented with fine and rich flavors. 
It is perfect for a special dinner, the honey and red colors interior are soothing. On Passatge Marimon 9 (just off diagonal, near Francesc macia)
Phone:+34 932 41 32 33

We started our meal with some rosé cava and a wonderful oil tasting.  
            Tomato tartar with cheese sorbet appetizer.

Green freshness with fresh almonds.

Eggplant with smoked cheese and summer truffle. Beautifully presented with the right combination of smokey flavors combined perfectly with some crunchy chufa beans

Chanterelles with poached egg and a mushroom cream. Rich and creamy flavors.

Aromatic chanterelles and mangetout beans in a Thai curry. A fragrant and fine plate. 

Palate cleanser: watermelon with chilly caviar and tarragon! A wonderful burst of freshness!

Apricot with lemongrass and ginger sorbet. 


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