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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Living made easy @The Onsider!

Last week was the inauguration of The Onsider. It is a new concept in town: Home away from Home, these luxury extended stay apartments, combined with an excellent concierge service make your stay in Barcelona a memorable one. If you are coming for a few months, or planning to settle here and are looking for your definite residence, The Onsider will be the perfect temporary residence. This old building has been fully renovated into a chic and modern apartments building by the interior designer Jaime Beriestain.
It offers two wonderful lofts perfect for a couple, and ample apartments with 3 rooms, which include an ensuite master bedroom, a living room, kitchen... There is also a beautiful terrace above for all the residents to share. 

Usually whenever new owners acquire a building they want it empty and don't really care about the old tenants. But in this case, with the Onsider, we have a beautiful story where the owner, Jean Paul Rivas,  has let an old tenant stay in her apartment because that is where she had spent her full life. They also got it fully renovated and integrated her own furniture and kept its old essence. Beautiful people with big hearts still exist. Chapeau Jean Paul Rivas. 

Make your extended stay in beautiful Barcelona a memorable one, in this beautiful building situated uptown. The Onsider on calle Arribau 306. 


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