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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tête à Tête #15 with BelleBarcelone: Edgar Carrascal, funky designs in a subtle way!

For many of you this name might not be familiar, but Edgar Carrascal is a young man with an innate talent. Edgar, a columbian young man, has studied design in the best schools in Columbia, New York -FIT and in Barcelona. He has now settled here and has presented his first collection during the last fashion week, 080, in Barcelona. I attended his show, and it was a breze of fresh air. Dedicate to men's fashion, it was out of the classic line but very much wearable. I loved each of the shirts that was in the collection. 

I decided, why not come out from my usual interviews and interview this young designer. 
I went to his atelier, where i was very warmly welcomed. And here we started talking and talking. He is a nice loving guy who knows what he wants and creates these uncommon designs. 
BelleBarcelone: So how come you chose Barcelona to settle?
Edgar Carrascal: After studying in Colombia and NY I came here to IED to do my masters. I loved the combination of art and culture in the city and stayed back. 
BB: Why Barcelona isn't as glamorous as Paris, London or even Madrid?
EC: Yes people dress up quite casually for dinners and parties. I guess it is having the sea and a bohemian feel to the city that makes all of us feel relaxed and chill out. 
BB: You specialize yourself in men's shirts. What difference do you offer from the rest?
EC: I started working with underwears, pyjamas and boxers. I have worked with different types of material and I know them well. I use them now in my shirts and I use a lot of details in the collars and sleeves. New materials, new accesories, that's what my shirts are. I give men's wardrobe a new poetic treatment without losing the essence of personal being. 
BB: What is elegance for a man?
EC: The tranquility in knowing your own sex appeal. You don't need tight clothes for that, you just need to be confident about yourself. 
BB: How do you get inspired?
EC: In the actuality, in what's happening in the world. I will choose a khaki green to show the conflicts and differences between East and West and to try and convey a positive vibe to it. I will use a mango color to feel connected to the tropics. I use sinthetic fabrics cut and treated in diverse forms. Technology such as digital printing has revolutionised materials. I use all of this and with such a vast choice, I get inspired by all the different colors and materials. 
BB: What are you favorite brands as well as the low cost ones. 
EC: Dries Van Noten, Lacroix ( and his ability to use different textures), Versace/Versus- Vacarello
For the casual brands I like H&M, Uniqlo and Acne.
BB: What type of clientele do you have?
EC: A multitasking man, a business man with knowledge of fashion, connected to different networks. He is disposed to try something new, and has a pinch of eccentricity. Many of my clients dress up very classic and need something else to disconnect from work.   
BB: Where can we get your pieces?
EC: You can come to my atelier for something made just for you or you get them in different points in the USA and in Barcelona. Here you can get them at Espai D, at Addicted; where I have a corner. 
BB: Where would you like to travel?
EC: I want to go the south of Italy, it is a long pending trip.
BB: What kind of shirt would you need to triumph in party, dinner or a work meeting?
  • For a party: a well cut crisp white shirt with structure. 
  • For a dinner: a black shirt. Black shirts are elegant and dressy, contrary to what many think. 
  • For a work meeting: a sky blue classic shirt is what you need to send the right vibes. 
And here is a bit of the young designer Edgar Carrascal
Edgar showing us one of his shirts!

Draw something Edgar! See the fine design by EC.
A bit of lady's wear too!

Edgar & Me.

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