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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tête à Tête with BelleBarcelone #9: with the bon vivant Erik Putzbach.

 This time a bit of change in our informal chat section. 
A bit of glamour, a pinch of eccentricity with the Bon Vivant Eric Putzbach. You can see him on Tv in various talks shows. 
BelleBarcelone: So Erik who are you?
Erik Putzbach: I collaborate in TV programs, I am a presenter in all types of high street events, a fashion expert. I have just finished a movie now and it will be coming out soon: Modelos

BB: Tell me about your recent trip and your engagement?
Erik: I am engaged to a Marquis from L.A and we got engaged in Colombia where his family is from. They welcomed me with warmth and love. 
BB: I read that you had gone to anorexia in your teenage years. What would you advise the teenagers of today to not fall into this?
Erik: The fashion world influences negatively your personality. You need to be very strong and have lots of self esteem. The most important you need to do is let your loved ones advise you. "La Vida vale mas que ser delgada".(Life is more worth than being thin).
BB: What do you think of the outburst of the fashion bloggers?
Erik: There is a saturation of them. Many misinterpret the meaning of a fashion blogger. You need to follow fashion but create your own tendency. They need to be trend setters and not only sell a product with no opinion. I also have a blog that represents my lifestyle: Universo de Lujo
BB: What is your motto of life?
Erik: "Live and let live". "Treat others the way you like to be treated". 
BB: Some words that define you?
Erik: Enjoy life the fullest because there is only one. 
BB: Your fetish perfume?
Erik: Lui of Emporio Armani. 
BB: What brands do you like?
Erik: As a low cost brand I love Zara, they have democratised fashion. 
As luxury brands I love YSL- the authentic one-, Coco Chanel, Cristian Dior, Eli Saab, Marchesa, Zuhair Murad, and Zac Posen. 
BB: What is the first thing you see in a person?
Erik: their eyes and face. 
BB: One thing you need to succeed in an event or a dinner party?
Erik: A big smile!
BB: What are your favorite travelling destinations?
Erik: New York, Venice & Istambul. 
BB: What type of gastronomy do you like?
Erik: I think the Basque gastronomy is on of the best and I just love Italian food. 
Met Erik at the David Lloyd club. 

With Alexandra Vidal, Erik's inseparable best friend. 


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