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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Luxury on the sea in the city: One Ocean Club!

A few days back, was the opening of the Ocean Club. 
Luxury on the sea, accompanying the visit of the luxurious yachts in Barcelona; an enchanting interior designed by Equipo Creativo ( the same designers of Tickets, PaktaIkibana and the most recent Disfrutar). A private club where the sea meets the city, you need to be a member to get in.
You can get your membership on their webpage, free for the moment. An exclusive experience with wonderful views, the Chef Llorenç Valls ( worked previoulsy at the Mandarin Oriental) offers Mediterranean dishes with a Japanese twist. Their vegetarian options are limited but enough to enjoy a 3 course meal. 
I loved the chic ambiance and the atmosphere. They offer valet parking, a luxury in Barcelona and they also have a wonderful cocktail bar beside: Blue Wave. 
Moll de la Barceloneta 1
Tel: +34 93 484 23 15

Our sommelier helping us to choose a great wine. 

Pear and walnut salad!

Salad was served with this wonderful chestnut cream. 

Mixed market vegetable stew in textures, chanterelles and seaweed tofu.

Part of the veggies, the artichoke tempuras. 

 Delicious Rigatoni with ratatouille, mushrooms and spinach, au gratin with Parmesan cheese

Coulant au chocolat!

One of the dessert from the no refined sugar dessert section : refreshing sorbet with fruits.

The terrace, perfect for summer nights!


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