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Friday, November 7, 2014

Discover the new fragances of Barcelona! Santa Eulalia Parfums!

Santa Eulalia, Barcelona's emblematic luxury boutique, has decided to launch its 1st line of perfumes. 
4 Fragances, all different essences of our beautiful Barcelona. It is a tribute to Barcelona's nature, moods and sensations offering us a wonderful scented experience.
The owners of S.E have been present in the full process in the making of these parfums, made in Italy by the Intertrade group. 
Here they are:
-  Albis: (white in latin), the purity of Barcelona's dawn;  scented garland  of orchid, jasmine, lilacs with a touch of vanilla, sandalwood and a relaxing valerian. Fresh!
- Citric: the mediterranean scent of the green mandarines, lemon and a touch of verbena, cardamom, black pepper with a bitter note of bergamot. Invigorating!
- Marinis, my favorite as the name indicate it smells of sea and reminds you of our lovely beaches: seawater, red grapes, mint, patchouli, cedar wood and a touch of lemon. You can close your eyes and get transported with its smell. Peaceful!
Obscuro, as its name says it reminds you of Barcelona's night filled with fun and mystery, a mystical essence with notes of incense, star anise, saffron with a touch of leather and wild amber. Quite a strong perfume but not at all oppressive. Secrecy!

These 4 fragrances are unisex, they come in a classic bottle with a wink to Santa Eulalia logo. Available at the Santa Eulalia boutique in Pg De Gracia 93. 


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