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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Detox plan for Summer! Your 6 Drinks!

Summer is here! We all feel positive and happy and it is a good time to detox. 
I had been feeling extremely tired lately and I wasn't sure the detox plan was for me as I have some minor health issues. 
But when I heard about Drink 6 Juices, I decided to give it a try. 
You get these fresh juices, 100% natural made of Veggies and fruits liquefied in cold and subjected to a process that helps to keep all the vitamins and freshness of the products. You can do a 1 day Detox, 3 or 5 days. A day detox helps you eliminate the main toxins your body has, a 3 day plan helps eliminate the toxins you have had in your body for long and act as a blood cleanser, and a 5 days plan helps you start a process to restore your immune system.
The 1 day plan cost 39 euros, the 3 days 99 euros and the 5 days cost 159 euros. 
My experience: I received the one day pack which consisted of 6 juices. These juices are made by diet experts and are filled with all the ingredients you need. You get them cold and have to refrigerate them as soon as you get them. They taste regular, some better than the others, but I can tell you I felt very energised and very positive the next day. It is an experience I would do again and would recommend it maybe once a week for a month in summer; or if you can do the 3 day plan it would be excellent. You will feel lighter and more beautiful.

Juice #1: Start the day filled with vitamins with a juice made of carrots, orange, lemon, ginger, agave nectar and water. It has a strong carrot taste. Lovely orange boost in the morning!

 Juice #2:Pineapple, Apple, Lime , Mint and Mineral water. A nice midmorning drink.

Juice #3: Lunch with the green one. It was quite fresh and good: Spinach, lettuce, cucumber, cabbage, pineapple, apple, lime and mint. 

Juice #4: ok at this time i wanted to munch on something, I wasn't hungry but that is the time I need something crunchy. I could only have this juice: raspberry, blackberry, banana, orange, radish, agave nectar and water. This one wasn't my favorite but it's summer and you have a cold red smoothie for "merienda", it isn't bad!

Juice #5. Dinner, a refreshing lemonade with lemon, mint, cayenne pepper, cucumber, agave nectar and water. 

Juice #6: Night snacking. it was quite good but I wasn't hungry at all. The only difficult time during the full day was in the evening with a bit of headache; sign of detoxing. I just had some fresh water at that time and I was set. The next day was a different and beautiful day. Just a day detox made a big change, imagine a 3 day detox plan! Coming back to number 6, it was with almonds, vanilla, cinnamon, agave nectar and water. 

You can purchase them online:  

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