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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Don't miss the Intense Night!

This coming Thursday, June 19th, will be the 2nd edition of Intenz Diagonal. 
A fun night where the stores will be open untill 2am, from the c/Joan Guell till c/Entença on Diagonal. 
The 2 main malls, Pedralbes Center and L'Illa and the stores and hotels in beetween will offer us a festival of fashion, gastronomy, culture and leisure.
The theme this year is the circus: Le Cirque Intenz. The official poster is by Robert Llimos, a well known catalan artist. 
There will be fun spaces during the full night  and music in many stores, discounts, raflles and small gifts will be offered. H&M and Bennetton will have DJs and special discounts too. The Hotel NH Constanza and Don Giovani as well as La Botiga restaurants will also participate in the party. 
Download the Intenz App on your IOS/Android to know all about this fun night

The Intenz Night will offer different spaces. 
- Intenz Circus: on the road from the Pedralbes Center till L'illa, there will be pop up stores, tasting stands and live perfomance. 
- Circ Privé: the exterior patio of the Pedralbes Centre, where you can only access by invitation. 
- Circ Contemporani: one of the main space with live acrobatics performances and more. 
At 10pm will be the main performance with Pepa Plana. 
It will be in the Jardins Clara Campoamor, the garden beetween the Pedralbes Centre and the Hilton Hotel.
-Circus Market: market offered by Bcn En Las Alturas with handmade accesories in the Jardins de Ferran Soldevila ( around the Hilton Hotel).
- Circo Clásico: The main circus area with equilibrium, acrobatics... on The Plaça de valdívia, beetween the Hilton Hotel and c/Numancia. 
-Mira quin Circi: Disco at L'illa
- Music show in the Pedralbes Centre: live act by the Gospel of the Royal Holloway College of London. 
- Action painting: On the walls of the Pedralbes Centre you will be able to enjoy the paintings of the future catalan artists. 
- Gastronomic Zone with Gastronomic Bus of Michelin Star chef Carles Caig; culinary offers by the upcoming TuTTi FRutti and  the well know Fishhh from L'Illa. 
These are some pictures from the meeting I attended last week at the NH Constanza; as a preview of what fun is awaiting us. 
Fun with Lovely cupcakes and yoghurt ice cream by Tutti Frutti!

Magic show with the magician Carlos Fortuna!

Erik Putzback and Carlos. 

Official Photo with all of us! BelleBarcelone and the online media having fun together! Thanks Intenz Diagonal!


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