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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cafe Kafka! The place to be!

As you all know I love the Born district. Just on the side of the Mercat del Born, this boho chic place is the right place to be on a beautiful night. 
This stylish restaurant has a warm and inviting distinguished atmosphere, their lamps are too cute, the service is agreeable and their carte is Mediterranean with some asian touches. 
We went on a Saturday night and it was buzzing with people, laughter and conversations. They have a good choice of wines and cocktails. We had a great time and when you are surrounded by people and having good food, you don't mind waiting few minutes extra for some exquisite dishes.
You can see the dishes we had on the pictures bellow; they also had many fish, caviar and meat plates. 
Perfect for a dinner between friends or for a cozy time. 
They are open  from  lunch and dinner. At 11pm every night you can go just for a drink and get to spend some time in their eclectic ambiance. 
They now offer a VIP personal driver service, it consist either in valet parking (we are not too used to it in Barcelona), in a drive back service where a driver can drop you back home in your own car or a pickup service in a Hummer. You can have more info about the services and prices by calling them. 
On C/Fusina 7. Tel: +34 93 315 1776

Watermelon Gaspacho.

Exquisite fried artichokes served with a mustard sauce. 

Green Risotto.

tarte Tatin!

Pepa el olivar oil! Quality oil! Read more about this oil here!


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