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Monday, April 28, 2014

Courage! The It Bag made in Barcelona!

Courage, the name brings you a breeze of strength and freshness.
Courage, is the name of this new brand in town, made in Barcelona with authentic Italian leather.
The name describes perfectly these lovely bags.
The Mo Bag, 2 bags in one is trendy and very practical. You can carry it in 4 different ways, 2 in 1 or 2 different bags, sling bag, shoulder bag, clutch. It is perfect for everyday, for travelling or when you are on the go, between meetings or going from one place to the other.
Then you have the Mini Mo. A smaller version of the Mo, just one bag. Perfect for everyday. 

You also have some original ones like the model Bologna that comes in vibrant colors, perfect to be noticed and lead the way. 
The Saco model is a must for this summer, the perfect shopping bag!
 All of these bags come in beautiful colors combinations, with handmade stitches; the lining has a wonderful texture and design. 
Courage is the upcoming brand in town, and BelleBarcelone brings it to you first so you don't miss this year's It Bag. 

The Courage tablet covers are also chic and colorful. The perfect gift for any occasion. You can get Courage Bags at the Size Store on c/ Sante Fe Nou Mexic (opp Cinesa Diagonal) Check their webpage for more info.

The Bologna with its matching tablet cover and wallet!

The Mini BO, check the lining!

Bags come in this linen cover. 

Perfect finishing!
Ipad covers!

Monica, ready with her Mo!

The MO!  Check the colors! 
ESther modelling the Mo!

The Saco with its diverse colors and linings!


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