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Friday, March 28, 2014

Xemei, excellent and cozy venetian meal!

We had been hearing about Xemei, I even mentioned in one of my post when they open the Bar Brutal  in the born. When i checked the menu online there weren't many vegetarian options so I just called them and they were quite adjusting. Their menu, typical and authentic venetian has lots of fish and meat with some vegetarian dishes. We had an excellent meal with great company and the service was wonderful. The staff is efficient, quick to understand and pleasant. Xemei is now in my top 10 restaurants in the city and I would recommend it for a romantic dinner, a celebration where people enjoy good food and wine. They use excellent quality ingredients. It was perfect. 
Paseo de La Exposición 85 (MontJuic). Tel: 935 535 140

Letting the wine breathe.

Easy to drink Valpolicella!

Fresh artichokes in a garlic sauce!

Spring Risotto, refreshing and yummy!

Delicious truffle spaghettis! 




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