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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Veggie Burgers in Barcelona! EL Club De La Hamburgesa, Kiosko & MakaMaka!

Sometimes you just need a burger on the go and for us vegetarians it becomes difficult. Here are some options.
Open full day, where you and your non-vegetarians friends can all enjoy a burger together. These 3 places are downtown.

If you are shopping on C/Pelai, around Ramblas and walking through the tiny lanes behind the Mercat de La Boqueria, you will come across El Club de La Hamburgesa. Casual, it looks like a pub and serves homemade burgers, sauces, nachos. Their veggie burger is decent. In the same local you also find Mucci's for a great piece of pizza if you are not in a burger mood. Open from 11am to 12am. Calle de Valldonzella 3, Tel: 933 18 10 26

One of the most authentic veggie burger I have tried in Barcelona is in Kiosko Burger. It gets busy at peak hours so be smart and choose your timing.They have seating or you can do a takeaway. I have already spoken about it on: 
You will find them in the Born, opposite the Estació de França. It is open from 1pm to 1am.
Marquès de L’Argentera 1 bis Tel. 933 107 313.
Then you have MakaMaka near the beach. You get a good veg burger, wonderful fries, some delicious salads and extraordinary cocktails. I love that place, be it winter, or summer, their terrace is always buzzing and lively, the service is great. I have organized some big reunions there and it has always been fun! Of course i have already mentioned it on the blog:
Open from 12pm to 2.30am!
You will find them on  Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 76,  932 21 35 20


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